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As a registered charity, The Teen Yoga Foundation relies on your support and donations

The Teen Yoga Ambassadors course is a 3-level programme for young people between the ages of 14 and 21 which would count towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award and also towards UCAS points. The objective of the course is to qualify young people to share well-being techniques with their peers.  This is achieved in 3 simple steps.

  1. The resident yoga teacher at the school together with school tutor choose a likely candidate from a school between the ages of 14 and 21
    (it is also possible for a young person, to nominate themselves and pay for the course, please email us for details)
  2. When 12 students are enrolled a weekend course takes place in a local space, involving some practical tips to deal with day- to-day problems.
  3. They share this knowledge in their school with their peers

The programme has 3 levels –

  1. one weekend of training to deliver well-being techniques to peers informally
  2. one weekend of training to deliver well-being techniques in small groups
  3. one-week residential training towards a full Yoga Teacher Training, including the science and rationale behind certain useful yoga techniques and how to apply them to common issues such as anxiety, low mood, obesity and disengagement. This would qualify them to run larger yoga groups (up to 12).

Each level has a motivational award in the form of a yoga mat, a book, a manual and online mentor support.

The course which will also be a self-development course with no more than 12 students,  will be funded independently, including the venues which will be donated either by local schools or GPs.

The course has been developed and verified by a group of young people, psychiatrists, social workers, yoga therapists and educators. It is fully evidence-based and insured. It is endorsed by the College of Medicine and by the Teen Yoga Foundation.

Duncan Selbie,

founding Chief Executive of Public Health England, endorses the work of the Teen Yoga Foundation. His main purpose is to find ways for the British population to become and remain healthy and he explains his reasons for supporting yoga for young people in this video.